FREE: The ultimate real-time video studio & virtual camera

PCWinSoft is giving away free licenses for ScreenCamera.Net - the real-time layer-by-layer frame-by-frame object-oriented video studio and virtual camera software. ScreenCamera.Net is priced at $99.95 but, for a limited time only, it is being offered up for FREE, with no gimmicks.

ScreenCamera.Net is a real-time video studio built upon an object-oriented layer-by-layer frame-by-frame proprietary technology of PCWinSoft.

When you install ScreenCamera.Net, a virtual camera is installed on your system, just like a store-bought webcam. This camera is high definition and works like a canvas for the user to play with. ScreenCamera.Net is a lot of fun to work with and is a very powerful piece of software.


How ScreenCamera.Net Works:

ScreenCamera.Net works with layer-by-layer technology. The user drops objects onto a canvas one on top of the other. Supported ScreenCamera.Net objects include: screenshots from any available monitor, webcam capture, IP cameras, TV tuner card video, devices attached to TV tuner video, movie files of any extension, audio tracks of any extension, image files of any extension, text stamps, date-and-time stamps and polygons: ellipses, rectangles and triangles.

ScreenCamera.Net also allows for animation of objects in a frame-by-frame framework similar to Adobe Flash. You can have rolling texts (horizontal and vertical), fade in and fade out effects, and you can play with the colours of objects, their positions and size in a vectorial fashion.

ScreenCamera.Net frame-by-frame technology also allows you to have several layers and switch between visible and invisible layers. This means you can share your desktop monitor and switch from that to a webcam time stamp and then back again with a fade in fade out effect. You can also keep several IP cameras on the same video output for surveillance purposes, for example.

In a business context, ScreenCamera.Net can transform your business video conference calls. If you are a gamer, you can record your gameplay with your logo over it in real-time. If you’re out for lunch you can leave a visual animated message rolling on the camera. The possibilities are endless and the more you play with it the more you'll discover new ways to arrange and utilise objects.

ScreenCamera.Net Compatibility

ScreenCamera.Net is compatible with Skype, AIM, Google Chat, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger,, Blog.TV, LiveStream, UStream.TV, and any video conferencing application (local or in the cloud) that are compatible with webcams.


ScreenCamera.Net comes equipped with a powerful scheduler that lets you program ScreenCamera.Net to record and/or take pictures at regular intervals. It can also be used to program multiple scheduling tasks.

ScreenCamera.Net also comes equipped with a video browser, an image browser, a video player, an image viewer and an image printer.

ScreenCamera.Net is also a broadcast server. With the click of a button you can broadcast video content on the web. After the broadcast begins, you can copy the live video broadcast embed code and paste it on the homepage on your website. So, with ScreenCamera.Net, you can choose to broadcast using 3rd party tools or you can choose to broadcast right from the device itself.

  • ScreenCamera.Net will run on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Media Center/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 and requires at least a 1.3gHz processor and 256mb of memory.
  • To receive your free copy of ScreenCamera.Net simply register here
  • This offer is valid until the end of January 2013

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