SPOTNSAVE: The Smart and Simple Security Bracelet

The spotNsave security wristband is a wearable smart device with Bluetooth 2.0 and linked with a smartphone app for keeping you safe at all times. It is fast overtaking existing security apps due to its ease-of-use, functionality and very reasonable price-tag.

SpotNsave Security Wristband & Pendant

spotNsave Security Wristband

Launched in December 2013 by tech-savvy entrepreneur, Chirag Jagtiani, the spotNsave security wristband has been keenly adopted by parents, daughters, sons, wives, the elderly and most recently, hospital patients.

“I never really expected that spotNsave could be used in so many different fields of life", says Jagtiani. "I initially started this product just keeping women and senior citizens safe, but now I do see a bigger picture and there could be a lot of businesses that could benefit by using spotNsave.”

Using the spotNsave security wristband is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply:

  • Download the spotNsave app (free) and buy the bracelet for just $38
  • Create and activate your spotNsave account
  • Choose up to 5 guardians and pair any smartphone with the wristband via Bluetooth and you're good to go!

Unlike other smartphone security apps, the spotNsave security wristband works by allowing you to activate an emergency alert system without having to touch you phone. An SOS button on the device itself is activated by two clicks with your finger whenever you feel you might be in danger.

Upon activation of the SOS button on the spotNsave security wristband, the app will send out an SMS alert to your chosen guardians every 2 minutes (at no cost) until manually deactivated. Guardians will also be supplied with location information, the fastest route to get to you, as well as a low battery alert if the user's phone is low on juice.

The spotNsave Security Wristband: Feel Secure

“To activate the emergency alert, you will have to press a button on the wristband twice in quick succession”, says Jagtiani. This design is to ensure that you don't accidentally cry wolf and send out false alerts. spotNsave also allows you to send alerts by pressing your phone’s power button twice.

Amazingly, the spotNsave security wristband battery lasts around 16-18 hours on a single charge. The team is currently working on security apps for the iPhone and Windows phone. iPhone users will be sold a pendant, which can be worn around the neck, instead of the wristband.

“The product currently works in coordination with an Android app, while the iOS app could be ready by the end of April, says Jagtiani. Here on, we are planning to add a push-to-talk feature on the app, along with a feature that lets you report crimes within the app itself.”

You can freely download the spotNsave security app from the Google Play Store and currently pre-order the spotNsave security wristband or pendant from their website.

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StealthGenie Monitoring App

MOBILE TECH REVIEW: The StealthGenie Monitoring App

You just can’t depend on basic monitoring apps these days. There is just so much to monitor, which is why StealthGenie makes it easy by offering you just about everything on your mobile device! It even gives you access to apps, and if you want to monitor Viber messages, then this is the ticket for you.

Only StealthGenie offers Viber Spy:

Because there is so much to monitor on your kids and employees’ devices, you simply cannot rely on just any monitoring app. There are monitoring apps that are fairly good at what they do but not even one of them is good enough for all your monitoring needs. So what would you do? Get different apps for different tasks?

Instead of all this hassle, consider StealthGenie - the monitoring app that will not only let you track the whereabouts of target devices, but also all other device usage stats. What's more is that it lets you keep an eye on all apps they install on their devices. But that’s not all, the main power of StealthGenie lies in its capability to track all free messaging applications like Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, BlackBerry Messenger and Viber.

With StealthGenie by your side, you can effectively take stock of all the ways your kids and employees communicate and use their mobile devices. Users find StealthGenie to be an amazing tool for knowing exactly what their kids and employees do with their devices in their absence and find that all the features work well too. But when it comes to Viber spying, only StealthGenie comes to the rescue because currently no other spying app offers this feature.

Spying on Viber chats:

Viber chat tracking is no fuss at all and is more simple than you may think. You don’t have to go through any complicated configurations or feature activation. If you are already using StealthGenie, then you can simply start tracking Viber chats immediately. But if you are new to StealthGenie, you will have to install StealthGenie on the target smartphone, iPad or tablet before you can start monitoring Viber chats. The best part is that StealthGenie automatically starts logging all Viber chats once it is installed!

A very competitive price:

Monitor Viber messages of your employees at all times for a price as low as $8.33 a month. This StealthGenie monitoring app is the real solution to all your business-related issues and this is the app that is going to get rid of all your problems.

- Published on behalf of "Garrett"

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WiPlatform Mobile Transacting Hits the Sweet Spot

Mobile transaction enabler WiGroup has facilitated in-store phone transactions worth over R1bn in 2013 – a 500% increase over 2012 - as major retailers, including Shoprite Checkers and Pick n Pay have come online with applications like EeziCoupon and MTN Mobile Money.

“This shows quite clearly that mobile phones are now firmly part of the transaction landscape,” says wiGroup CEO Bevan Ducasse. “Over 30 000 point of sale lanes in South Africa are now able to accept mobile payments and process phone-based vouchers and coupons using our WiPlatform mobile transacting solution.”

WiPlatform Mobile Transacting (image: adds that consumers are increasingly comfortable with the idea that discount coupons, vouchers or loyalty points, to take just two examples, can be sent direct to their phones rather than being printed on paper. “Mobile voucher and coupon campaigns are seeing redemption rates of around 50% or more, compared to less than 10% for paper coupons,” he says. “And it doesn’t need a smartphone – some of the most successful campaigns run through WiPlatform have been targeted to lower LSMs where people often have only the most basic phones.”

Ducasse says WiGroup’s core product, WiPlatform mobile transacting, provides an interface between retailers and mobile transaction service providers and applications.

“The link at the point of sale was always the missing part of the puzzle,” he says. “Changing anything at the point of sale is cumbersome and expensive – there is no way retailers can do it every time they want to introduce a new mobile wallet, banking service, loyalty or coupon system. But with a platform in place that allows their point of sale systems to talk to any existing or future mobile application, retailers are free to try out new things, and that is the key value proposition we offer to retailers through WiPlatform mobile transacting – integrate once and accept any mobile transaction service provider or application you choose to turn on at your point of sale.”

WiPlatform mobile transacting is now in place at points of sale throughout the Shoprite Checkers and Pick n Pay groups, including in subsidiary brands like Boxer and Hungry Lion. It’s also enabling mobile transactions in most of South Africa’s major fast food and restaurant franchises, from KFC and Spur to Kauai and Vida e Caffe.

“WiGroup’s aim has always been to simplify and add value to people’s lives through mobile transacting, and we’re now seeing that value in very real numbers,” says Ducasse. “Now that the basic requirements are so widely in place, we look forward to seeing what innovative ideas, that make use of WiPlatform mobile transacting, retailers and developers come up with next. We have built WiPlatform to be open, interoperable and inclusive; key requirements when enabling a new ecosystem.”

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The Samsung-Chelsea FC Youth Football Camp Program

The Samsung Dream the Blues campaign is part of the Samsung-Chelsea FC Youth Football Camp program. The partnership gives the opportunity to train children for the next generation of football players. Football-loving youths from age 9 to 13 are encouraged to achieve and expand their football dreams. The campaign reaches across four continents and eight different countries. Since 2007, the Samsung-Chelsea FC Youth Football Camp program has benefited 5 000 youths across the world.

Sponsored Video: Dream the Blues

For this campaign, Samsung and Chelsea will visit football camps in each country to provide training for local youths. They will be trained to learn ‘The Chelsea Way’ from Chelsea Foundation coaches. From each of the local camps, the 16 most passionate participants will be selected to advance to the Blues Camp in London to train and meet the Chelsea players.

Samsung consumers in Mexico, Nigeria, Ghana, Republic of South Africa, China, Thailand, Brazil and Turkey will have the chance to apply for the campaign, which will kick off in Mexico and end in Turkey in April 2013. The Blues Camp will take place in London in May 2013.

Chelsea players Juan Mata, Fernando Torres, Victor Moses and Oscar are the campaign ambassadors and will be promoting the campaign to football fans and Samsung consumers around the world.

If you would like to keep up to speed with Samsung's latest campaigns and innovations, they have a really great YouTube Channel called Samsung Tomorrow TV. Click on over and take a look!

Sponsored by Samsung

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SAMSUNG DIVE: Samsung gets smart with mobile security

AS Smartphones become ever increasingly sophisticated, more and more personal information is stored on them, and the loss of a phone can be far more than just an inconvenience. It is with this in mind that Samsung has launched Samsung Dive – an online access portal to address the security issues associated with a mobile lifestyle.

“If you’ve ever lost your phone, you’ll know it can be very frustrating and more importantly, it can be a huge security risk. We have responded to the security needs of our consumers as the Samsung Dive service will provide peace of mind by allowing you to not only see the details of your phone via the Internet, but where you last used it, and if you have lost it or it was stolen, you can wipe your personal information off the device.” - Paulo Ferreira, Head of Product and Software Solutions at Samsung.

Samsung Dive is in essence a free security assistant. When your device is lost you can lock your device via Samsung Dive and with the Mobile Tracker service you will be able to lock, wipe or see the location of your phone. Key elements include:

  • Ring my Phone feature: This service will use the Internet to send a message to the phone to ring and initiate a call whether the phone is on or off.
  • Receive notification when the SIM card is changed: You can be notified when the SIM is changed in the case that someone uses your phone illegally.
  • Remotely lock your phone: You can lock your phone to prevent people from using it and accessing your personal information.
  • Remotely wipe your phone: If you lose your phone and it hasn't been returned, you can initiate a remote wipe to protect your privacy.
  • Receive the location of your phone: To help you find your phone, the service will show the last location of your phone on Google Maps.

In addition to the above, Samsung Dive allows for the ability to pull up call logs remotely. This is certainly a practical function for parents as it allows them to monitor their child’s cellphone and stay in contact. If your child is out and isn’t answering, for example, not only can your track the phone, but you can also pull up the call logs and dial the last person they were in contact with.

  • Note: The Samsung Dive application is only available for the Samsung Galaxy SII (which will be officially launched locally within the next quarter) and the Samsung Wave II (locally available in-store). Further models will become available at a later stage. Samsung will keep you updated as to these additions.

- Published on behalf of Samsung and Orange Ink.

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