PC Building Beginners Guide Motherboards 0

PC Building Beginners Guide: Motherboards

This PC Building Beginners Guide aims to offer core information regarding motherboards, Intel CPUs, memory, graphics cards, power supplies and solid state drives. It will hopefully become a growing archive of everything you need...

Nexus 7 Tablet (image: blogs.computerworld.com) 0

Which Tablet is Best for Gaming?

TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: Best Gaming Tablets 2014 There is a huge range of tablets on the market and the prices are falling rapidly. Many seven inch tablets are selling for commodity prices, some of the...

Weaver Online Dating 6

Weaver – A New Social Group Dating Initiative

WEAVER: Online Dating for Young Professionals Weaver – a new social community for young professionals looking to meet new people, was recently launched in South Africa. The Weaver founders are 26yr olds Andrew Lynch...