STARBARIANS: A Happy Friday cartoon by Harry Partridge

I don't know if I've ever mentioned Harry Partridge on this blog before but he has to be one of the best comedic animators of 2012. His video Starbarians made me shoot tea out of my nose the first time I watched it. It has almost reached 1 million views in 6 months but Starbarians has already been translated into several different languages.

And that's just one episode! It's obvious that Starbarians would become a hit cult of it became a whole series! So I guess this is a plea for more episodes of Starbarians! Harry Partridge, if you're listening, this series could rock the very balls of the animated universe. I'm just saying...

Starbarians - Episode 1 (with hopefully more to follow)

Other Harry Partridge classics include Hal the Misinterpretive Porn Star, The Justin Bieber Show, Stephen the Lesbian and a whole whack of delightfully humoured music videos (of sorts). Check out his Happy Harry Toons YouTube Channel for more.

More Happy Friday Videos (animated):

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BEST CARTOONS: A nostalgic look back at cartoons from the 80s

THERE'S almost nothing better than reminiscing over one’s childhood and remembering all the cartoons that we were brought up on. Especially the ones that made us into the strapping young men and caring women that we all are today.

There are also no cartoons better than the hand-crafted animations of the 80s, which make today’s cartoons look rather crappy by comparison. The following make me slip into a nostalgic state and give me the urge to run around the garden naked climbing trees again. What? That's not weird. It's called my "inner-child" - everyone has it... don't they?

Cartoons of my Childhood: Gummi bears

Gummi Bears

Gummi Bears has got to be one of the most popular cartoons of its time. People at varsity were constantly downloading episodes during exams. It also has one of the most loved theme songs ever – I’ve heard it in ring-tones. What we would have given for a pint of that drug concoction known as ‘gummi berry juice.’

Cartoons of my Childhood: Ducktales

Duck Tales! Whoohoo

Who ever thought ducks could be cool and more appealing on a television set than on a dinner plate. Huey, Dewey and Louie were the coolest kids on the block (Duckberg). They had a stinking rich uncle, Scrooge, and the coolest pilot ever, Launchpad, who were always taking them on wild adventures.

Cartoons of my Childhood: Chip n Dale

Chip n Dale

Who can forget the lovable chip-monks Chip n Dale – Rescue Rangers? Chip was the smart sleuth that we all aspired to as kids, while his doff sidekick, Dale, reminded us of our best friend in Junior school. That gadget-oriented female, (Gadget?), was a quite a looker too my mouse standards.

Cartoons of my Childhood: Pinky and the Brain

Pinky and the Brain“Wha we gonna do tonight Brain?”

“The same thing we do every night Pinky… try to take over the world!”

One of my personal favourites. Pinky and the Brain – the two mutated lab mice who were set on world domination. This made up a significant part of my childhood and persona, and I can still impress girls today by singing the theme song by memory.

Cartoons of my Childhood: The smurfs

Let's smurf

I’m sure we all remember those little blue creatures called smurfs with all their hidden sexual innuendos. I’m also certain that we were all equally convinced that they lived somewhere in our enchanted back-yards. A little weird by today’s standards methinks, but brings back some fantastical memories nonetheless.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesHeroes in a half-shell - turtle power!

And who can forget these guys? The heroes in a half-shell were every boy's role-model. I was a huge fan – my favourite turtle being the pizza-loving Michelangelo (orange one). My brother’s favourite was Donnatello (purple) – the sharp, computer-literate one. I remember the day we sat on Santa’s lap for the first time and he bestowed upon us Ninja Turtle outfits as Christmas presents. Mine was a Michelangelo one; my brother’s – Donnatello. I have believed in Santa Claus ever since.

Cartoons of my Childhood: Tintin


I’m still not quite sure what my fascination was with the weird Belgian cartoon Tintin, but I remember waking up at 7am every Sunday morning and running to the couch with a duvet to catch Tintin and his somewhat annoying dog Snowy in an adventure. Perhaps I secreted wanted to be a reporter when I grew up... Nonetheless, the cartoon has a great 1930s European feel to it and is still great to watch today.

Don’t you feel all those youthful, care-free energies coming back to you? What joy! I thought this would be great 100th post...

Okay, back to work now…

LINK: A-Z of 80s Cartoons

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