PERSONAL FINANCE: A Look at South African Spending Habits

According to figures on South African spending habits from Stats SA, SA households spend more on clothing and footwear than on education or health. 4.5% of monthly earnings goes towards clothing while only 2.7% is spent on education and 1.4% on health. A lot of money is being spent on the upkeep of lifestyles and upholding a certain level of societal status.

South African Spending Habits

South Africans often suffer from severe cases of poor spending habits, which can lead to financial crises as well as a crisis in their own personal lives. Debt can cause an honest person to lie, cheat and even steal. It could cause serious feelings of anxiety, stress and anger, loss of assets, depression and even suicide.

But what exactly are the poor South African spending habits that people are continuously getting themselves into? One of the biggest dilemmas that South Africans struggle with is poor budgeting. Research shows that South Africans have a serious problem with budgeting and planning for the future and this results in poor spending habits.

South African Spending Habits 2

With no average budgeting system in place, the next ‘best’ thing to do is to turn to the (in)famous piece of plastic - the credit card. More South Africans are overusing their credit cards to buy things that they cannot afford. By using their credit cards, they often forget that they need to pay back almost double the amount that’s being lent to them and in most cases they simply cannot afford to pay it back.

There are solutions to these bad South African spending habits which those in debt (or on the verge of debt) could do really well to adopt:

  • By planning a budget, you will enable yourself to know how much money you have at your disposal.
  • Budgeting also evaluates your income and expenses and it allows you to prioritise your most important expenses.

Since South Africans are generally lovers of status, there are definitely ways to save money that is being wasted on designer clothing.

  • Buying merchandise when it's going out of season helps you save money. You can buy next year’s winter clothing at the end of the season when you pay much less for them.
  • South Africans need to take into consideration the costs of owning a vehicle and must not spend every rand, which they have managed to save, on a car. Most importantly, never purchase a car that you can't afford to maintain. The majority of South Africans want their cars to be brand new. However, your budget and other personal needs are going to have the final say as to whether your car is new or used.

According to the country's credit regulator, 1 in every 6000 South Africans applied for counselling every month in 2012 to help handle their debts. With regards to dealing with debt, help is available for South Africans managing debt, but the best cure in this instance is prevention.

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Embracing Change in Online Shopping & Social Networking

The world is changing pretty fast - exponentially in many cases, particularly in the technology and online industries. It’s natural for anyone, regardless of age or creed, to feel overwhelmed by the library­ of choice. Laptops, iPads, notebooks, Kindles, iPhones, netbooks, iPods and gaming consoles are all on offer under different brands and with varying specifications. This is failing to mention the infinite range of smartphones.

The wearisome part is that most of these devices are able to do the same things - some better or worse than others. Buying new gadgets­ is fun and exciting but can be stressful and daunting at the same time. Having them all is impractical, and once they are outdated, they will likely become dust-gatherers a few years down the line.

The important things to ask oneself when considering getting that new device everyone is talking about are 1. “do I need this device in my life?” and 2. “how will this gadget add value to my life or improve the things I currently enjoy doing?”

Embracing Change in Online Shopping

Embracing ChangeSome go as far as ordering their clothing and groceries online. Most would agree that these are things that we want to touch and see before purchase. Electronics, on the other hand, are certainly worth buying online.

Consider that when you shop in a computer or electronics store, salespeople are arguably hired to try to sell you the most expensive version of what you’re looking for. The products will have a store mark-up; stores need to pay to have the goods ordered, packaged and advertised. This all adds to the price of most electronics.

Online stores are able to cut out most of these extra costs. Trusted online shopping websites often offer­ free shipping to your door for orders over certain amounts. We are able to read consumer or peer reviews and assess the ratings fellow consumers have given specific products. Other websites offer comparisons of similar products. And, with a bit of Googling, we can even find video reviews and unbiased write-ups to aid our decision-making.

Embracing Change in Online Banking

There is very little need these days to stand in banks queues. The transference of funds can all be done online via online banking and PayPal. If there are still banks that do not offer these services they won’t be around for long. The only thing to be cautious of is phishing - receiving a scam e-mail, for example, asking you to supply or “update” your banking details. A reputable bank will never ask such things of you via e-mail.

Embracing Change in Social Networking

Then there is the plethora of social networking sites and services - Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Google Wave, blogs, forums and the lot. Social networking sites are in a constant state of flux and new ones will emerge while others may wither and die.

The world of social networking should not be feared, but rather embraced for all its potential. This is fast becoming the preferred way to communicate worldwide. It is also how many companies recruit new employees, how business contacts are formed and how we consume our news and media.

The best bet is to stick with the tried and tested. With any free social networking site or service, we may have to deal with copious amounts of advertising, but this is a fairly small price to pay. Social networks are inevitably under the watchful eyes of their users. If any social networking site were to seriously violate any human right, or start charging users unfair amounts, they would soon be replaced.

Obviously one needs to be careful with what information you decide to provide on social networking websites, and this does not only pertain to profile information. “Liking” or becoming a fan of a particular brand or product might see you receiving related advertising or promotions for a long time to come...

Embracing Change: Online Shopping & Social Networking

Embracing Change (image:

It is also advisable to never defame someone on a social network. This can come back to haunt you. Jobs have been lost and relationships have been broken as a result. Understand that whatever you do online effectively creates an ongoing online record of yourself.

But again, the inevitable growth of the Internet and development of technology should not be feared. There will always be those who will try to take advantage and scam us. In fact, nearly two thirds of our beloved Internet is comprised of spam. But the more you practice being a savvy online user, the better equipped you will be to filter out the bad and make the most of the good.

The Consumer Protection Act guards us and I can say with confidence that the greater good will always prevail online. There is much to learn and discover as the Internet continues to bring our world closer together. It is my opinion that its fast-changing pace is both exciting and full of great potential. Embrace and work with it and it will ultimately enrich your life.

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WHY not spoil yourself or someone who you know who has everything with an electronic gadget that will be sure to make a statement this Christmas. The statement might be that you have lost your mind, but it just may make life a little more interesting. There are plenty of devices out there that have been born out of an active imagination. Here is a sampling of some that you will want to have and others you may prefer to give away. Enjoy.

Want Remote

Want Remote


Do you want things to instantly change with the wave of your hand? Now you can with the wand remote. It will learn commands from your existing remotes and map them to particular hand motions. Flick the wand from side to side to change channels or twist it to turn up the volume. A beam of light will even shoot out as you become the conductor of your electronic symphony from the comfort of your couch.


You just know how much this would make you feel as if you are at the movies or back at the fun fair. No more boring microwave bags. Here you can have salted, hot buttered popcorn until your lips start to wrinkle!


Guitar t-shirtPlaying air guitar is so last year. Put this shirt on and plug it into the clip on speaker/amp and start playing your favourite music. All the major chords are recorded from a real electric guitar and the magnetic pick allows you to strum like you would a normal guitar. The amp has a tone knob that lets you adjust the sound just like a real guitar. In case you were wondering the volume knob goes up to 11.

Outdoor subwooferCHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS: Outdoor Sub-woofer

Now you can enjoy a full bass sound outdoors. It can support up to 90 kg, so you can use it as a plant stand or a side table. Its durable terracotta finish is paintable to match your outdoor décor. Your plants will be amazed to actually hear the sound of a tuba.


Talking of woofers, how about something for the the dog lover. Well, a pair headless dogs sitting at your side may be too weird for you to live with. But on the positive side they do come fully house trained.


Self stirring mugObviously you are going to be so busy waving your remote around and tucking into your popcorn that you cannot be expected to stop and stir your favourite hot drink you have just prepared. You don’t have to. With this mug all you need is one hand to press the button on the handle and all the ingredients will be stirred to perfection.

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PC GAMES: A quick look at some good game titles this Christmas

IT is the most exciting time of year for retailers and children alike as we are bombarded by adverts from all directions and the kiddy winkles are putting their finishing touches to their Christmas wish lists.

If your children are as demanding as most they’ll probably be nagging for the latest and greatest gadgetry goods this year. I imagine it must be tough having to explain what a recession is to a young child and argue that Apple iPads and Xboxes just aren’t in Santa’s budget this year.

But, if you already have a workable PC installed at home, games as gifts are the perfect solution to making everyone happy this Christmas. PC games are not frightfully expensive these days and I can assure you from experience that there is nothing more exciting than being given a new game to play for Christmas.

I have compiled a list of a few great PC games that cover several genres and are suitable for a variety of ages. It is also useful to know that most PC games today are not gender-specific. What may have once been considered as boys’ games are now being played considerably by the growing number of girl gamers.

Civilization V (ages 16+): R360 (PC)

Civilization VSid Meier’s award-winning Civilization series is a treat to the mind that will appeal to strategy gamers who enjoy turn-based games. Civilization takes one back to the beginnings of time where you can play as one of the great leaders from history. Discover new technologies and lands, build great wonders, forge alliances and sign treaties as you lead your people through time.

Civilization is a challenging game that promises hours of unique gaming. The previous release (Civilization IV) is now available for only R66 and includes three expansion packs.

Fallout New Vegas (R18): R350 (PC)

Fallout New VegasIn a post-apocalyptic world set in the not too distant future, you are one of several survivors who were preserved in underground vaults. After humanity emerges from living underground for generations, they have already begun to form tribes and allegiances. Conflict is inevitable as different tribes compete for clean water and survival, but one city has mysteriously been preserved from complete destruction. That city is New Vegas.

Stunning visuals and complete immersiveness make this game a personal favourite of mine. Outcomes differ depending on how you play the game and engage with its moral choice system. Just a warning: Fallout does have a gambling component and suggestions of prostitution — hence the age restriction.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (ages 16+):

The Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionThe Elder Scrolls places the player in the fantasy realm of Cyrodil — set in the Middle Ages. Made by the same company as Fallout 3, this game is equally stunning and immersive. Players are given endless quests which may see you fighting in the arena or battling mythical creatures with both magic and steel.

The Elder Scrolls is a great example of a sandbox game, whereby the player can literally venture where he or she pleases until the edge of the map. Like Fallout 3, it also features a weather system­, whereby players will experience rain, snow or shine and changes between day and night.

The game is not excessively violent or naughty, but perhaps a little complex for younger players.

Zoo TycoonZoo Tycoon 2 (ages 3+): R309 (PC)

From Railroad Tycoon to Zoo Tycoon — these games are great educational simulators. Players will learn the fundamentals of zoo upkeep and design in a fun and visually stimulating way. Zoo Tycoon is available with four expansion packs, namely the Zookeeper collection, the Marine Mania collection, Endangered Species and the Extinct Animals expansion pack.

Need for Speed Hot PursuitNeed for Speed: Hot Pursuit (ages 12+): R303 (PC)

If your offspring are into fast cars and adrenaline rushes (i.e. racing games) you need look no further than the Need for Speed series. Hot Pursuit is one of the more popular releases that will make car fans drool at the well-rendered graphics and sporty cars they get to drive.

Fifa 2011 (ages 3+): R308 (PC)

Fifa 2011The ever successful Fifa series is back with Fifa 2011 released this year. Football games are a lot of fun with a lot of effort put into their design. Players look like the real deal, stadia are modelled­ accurately and the roar and buzz of the fans creates a high-energy atmosphere.

Fifa 2010 is a good choice considering that the World Cup was hosted by our country this year. Unfortunately this release is currently out of stock; but if it becomes available again before Christmas it is selling for just R129.


(these are games I haven’t personally played, but have certainly heard of. Suitable for all ages):

  • Ultimate Monster Trucks         R14
  • Football Manager 2007           R14
  • Winter Games                            R14
  • Puzzle Quest                             R90
  • Zoo Tycoon (stand alone)        R66

NOTE: All PC games mentioned here are available at which is also offering free shipping this festive season on all orders over R350. Games may be available in stores or on other shopping websites, yet prices may differ.

Happy gaming and Merry Christmas!

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WANTITALL: Bringing U.S. goods into SA at competitive prices

BUYING goods and services online is fast becoming the preferred way to shop around this century, and it’s becoming easier for South Africans as more online stores emerge to serve a South African clientele.

Websites such as Take2 are at the top of Google’s ranking list and it’s easy to see why. Online shopping is quick and easy and can be done from the comfort of your own home and in your own time. The rising popularity of shopping online is evident from the number of new stores that have arrived on the scene, all offering easy ways to find what you’re looking for.

One particular online store that is rising in the ranks is, which operates in a very similar way to sites such as and Launched in 2006, WantItAll has access to products that are not available in South Africa, which they sell at competitive prices that won’t blow your budget. Here’s a snippet from their website.

“WantItAll was launched in 2006 and has access to over 15 000 000 products which are sourced from all over the world. The site is 100% safe, which means that your personal details and credit card information are totally secure with us and will not be shared with third parties. We offer all customers competitive prices and also run specials on a daily basis.” - has access to over 15 000 000 products that are sourced from all over the world. Through an associate agreement with, WantItAll specialises in importing items from the United States that can’t be found in South Africa, and offers them at competitive prices. has access to over 15 000 000 products that are sourced from all over the world. Through an associate agreement with, WantItAll specialises in importing items from the United States that can’t be found in South Africa, and offers them at competitive prices.

WantItAll: Getting started

To sign up for a WantItAll account and start shopping takes the average web-user about six minutes, tops. Once you have an account, you’re ready to shop and add goods to either your digital shopping cart or wish-list.

WantItAll will notify you when out-of-stock items in your shopping wish-list are available to order again. Users can also send their wish-lists to family and friends to ensure that they get exactly what they want for Christmas or a forthcoming birthday.

WantItAll shopping specials are on offer daily and available products range from video games and DVDs to musical instruments and baby products. After having a good browse through the catalogue, I also came across several sought-after products that are difficult to find in the country or elsewhere for that matter. This has been made possible through an associate agreement with, which allows WantItAll to specialise in importing items from the U.S. that you can’t find in South Africa.

I signed up for my own WantItAll account earlier this week and was pleasantly surprised to see that I got given a R50-off coupon. The online shopping website is also offering free delivery for an order of three or more items. To add cream on top of an extra-chocolaty sundae, they are also currently offering some great discounts within their DVD collection.

WantItAll: Payments and delivery

For South African online shoppers, WantItAll accepts EFTs and direct bank deposits via MasterCard and Visa; and if you have built up a little nest egg of eBucks, these can also be used as payment or part of it. The website has also being verified as SiteSafe, meaning that electronic transfers are 100% safe and secure.

Delivery is to your front door (unless specified otherwise) and delivery charges are generally dependent on the order. Standard delivery charge is R59, but if your order is particularly bulky, or you live out in the gamadoelas, delivery may cost you a little more.

Delivery time is generally between seven and 15 working days after payment has gone through. This is not a bad wait at all considering that your goods will probably be travelling cross-Atlantic. If you are not entirely satisfied with your new toys or goods, WantItAll does offer a returns system.


  • Consumers can read reviews of a product online to help them decide whether or not it’s worthy of purchase.
  • Most online products offer user ratings, which give consumers an idea of how others feel about a particular product.
  • No cash is needed to pay for online goods and paying via an electronic funds transfer (EFT) is a safe, fast and painless process.
  • You do not need to travel to the store to pick up your goods; most online stores will deliver your ordered products to your door.
  • Despite being unable to touch the products in an online store, consumers can often see what’s inside the box or packaging without opening it.

Happy and safe online shopping!

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