COMPETITION: Who killed Internet Explorer 6 campaign

INTERNET Explorer is attempting to make a comeback with the launch of Internet Explorer 9. The masterful minds at Microsoft have devised a very clever marketing strategy called “Who killed IE6?”

The campaign sees participants surfing around the web looking for clues to help them solve the Microsoft murder mystery. Here's the brief:

Internet Explorer 6 is dead! Our campaign is aimed at Internet-savvy users and we want to challenge them mentally and get them spending time on our mutual love, the Internet. In order to do this we've created a murder mystery that takes place all over the web.

And the prize? Be the first to figure out who killed Internet Explorer 6 and the R20 000 bounty will be yours!

The basic concept of the campaign is a crime scene for the death of Internet Explorer 6. Clues are being given a number of times every week and participants have to eventually get all the clues right in order to win the ultimate prize of R20 000. There are also weekly prizes of R1000 awarded to randomly selected participants.

So what are you waiting for? Round the mountain, over and under and on a yellow road to a little sleepy village... that’s where you’ll get a quote with something that will make you see things clearer.

Hint: We’re looking for pixels not pixies!

What is the Who killed Internet Explorer 6 campaign about?

The purpose of the campaign is to change perceptions of IE9 as well as educate users on the amazing features IE9 has. In order to build brand loyalty and experience of a product, you have to enable users to use the product. The campaign sends users on a hunt for who killed IE6 all over the web with the answers hidden in various websites.

How does the Who Killed Internet Explorer 6 campaign work?

Users receive clues on the website and have to enter the answer/word on the website which solves the clue. For each clue they get right, users will receive a letter for a anagram which will answer the mystery of who killed Internet Explorer 6. Once all the clues have been solved, users will have all the letters and will be able to submit their answer for the anagram.

Additionally there are two blocks which will require participants to choose an avatar and share the campaign as well as download the latest version of Internet Explorer in order to ensure that they have the latest tools in order to solve the case. All blocks need to be completed in order to unlock every letter and the entry field for users to enter their answer.

Good luck!

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Earth Hour banner

"We have only one planet. Given what we know about climate change today, it would be foolish not to act. Earth Hour 2010 gives an opportunity to the people of the world to unite in a call for action on climate change and to take the lead by making changes in their own lives.” – Dr Morné du Plessis, CEO, WWF South Africa

FOR Earth Hour 2010, WWF calls on all South Africans to switch off their lights on Saturday, 27 March, as a symbolic act to send a powerful message to leaders that the time to act on climate change is now.

The Copenhagen Climate Summit in December failed to deliver the climate deal our planet needs. This year WWF is challenging individuals to take the lead by pledging to reduce their own carbon footprint. We have to show world leaders that we are serious about tackling climate change and that we want them to deliver a fair, effective and binding climate deal – a deal that keeps global warming as far below 2 degrees as possible.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu is the patron of the campaign, and Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban have already pledged their support for Earth Hour 2010. Other celebrities, who will be switching off their lights, include The Parlotones, Bryan Habana, Jo-Ann Strauss, Marc Lottering and The Stormers.

Participating in Earth Hour is easy and free. All you need to do is:

  • Pledge your support and commit to reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Switch off the lights of your home on 27 March from 8:30pm – 9:30pm.
  • Spread the message to your friends and family.
  • Show your support by posting the Earth Hour 2010 web banner and widget on your website or Facebook pages, downloading the Earth Hour email signature, printing posters or having an Earth Hour event.
  • Download the Green Events Guide, just click on the events button at the top of the webpage. You can download all of the above from the website. Click on the get involved button for loads of information and fun ideas.
  • Download the complete DIY kit on how to roll out Earth Hour in your city

Save the date: Saturday, 27 March 2010, 8:30pm – 9:30pm.

Please email or contact us on 021 888 2800 if you have any questions. We hope that you will support Earth Hour 2010. Together we can make a difference.

Kind Regards,
The WWF team

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POST PROMO: Blogger’s Greatest Hits attempt to make a comeback

EACH post I’ve ever written is like a digital child of mine - each given due attention and updated when necessary. However, as a parent, I naturally grow concerned over how some of my digital offspring are more popular than others.

They each have their own unique talents and personalities, and although popularity is a fickle thing, I can’t help feel that it is my fault as a parent that some of my children get more attention than others. Perhaps they weren’t labeled properly at birth, or their dad simply lacked the know-how of how to get them ahead in life at the time.

I have therefore made it my parental duty to promote some talented children of mine that still have much to offer and are yearning for your attention. Below are a few of my personal favourites from each category – my greatest hits trying to make a comeback. I’m certain that you will find yourself willing to adopt some of the following:

From Quite Interesting:

"Staring blankly at my keyboard the other day (as one does) I began pondering over the arrangement of the keys. “What’s up with that?” I heard the comedian within me say. I set forth on a cyber-galactic journey to discovery why my keyboard’s layout looks the way it does…" (Read more)

Santa Claus“So just who is that fat, old jolly guy in the red suit that parades around shopping malls at Christmas time – entertaining kids and scaring adults with his “ho ho hos”? It’s usually someone’s dad – the one (in any community of close friends) with the biggest beer boep…” (Read more)

"Do you ever use sayings such as “saved by the bell” or hear your grandmother squawk something like, “Heavens, it raining cats and dogs outside!” A lot of people still do yet have no idea where such phrases originate from. I got a little history lesson the other day which explained the dark truth behind some of these popular figures of speech..." (Read more)

From Web 2.0:

"Digital Blasphemy is by far one of the best places on the web to find incredible pc wallpapers. Ryan Bliss has made a career of creating digital desktop backgrounds that are simply amazing. He is also quite the generous type and offers a few of his digital artworks for free. I have collected several of these over the years and wanted to share my top 10 with anyone who appreciates such talent..."
(Read more)

Photofunia"There are some great digital photography websites out there that allow you to do some wondrous things with your own (possibly dull) collection of pics. Such sites also make you look really smart when your family and friends don’t know about them and ask, “how in the name of Luke Skywalker did you make your facebook profile pic like that!?”
(Read more)

"If you feel that you missed out on an opportunity to be pasted in your fellow matriculants’ yearbooks and be remembered forever, you can now do it online. With a little imagination and creativity, you could digitally create an entire yearbook of all your former classmates, whether you matriculated in the ’50s or the ’90s..." (Read more)

From Happy Friday:

"The video “Where the Hell is Matt?” has seen over 21 million views to date, so you’re likely to have seen it before, but if you haven’t, you should give it a watch. It takes you to a place of magic and joy and wonder – a place where all the bad in the world is forgotten for 4mins 29secs. It is one of the most viewed viral videos of its time and one of my top dancing videos..." (Read more)

chip-n-dale"There are no cartoons better than the hand-crafted animations of the 80s, which make today’s cartoons look rather crappy by comparison. The following make me slip into a nostalgic state and give me the urge to run around the garden naked climbing trees again. What? That’s not weird. It’s called my “inner-child” – eveyone has it… don’t they?" (Read more)

"Here you'll find a collection of humorous and memorable South African Facebook statuses I’ve come across over the past two weeks to illustrate my point that South Africans are pretty, funny people..." (Read more)

From Online tips & tricks:

"The video-web is an exciting place to be involved in these days, particularly because it is constantly evolving and simply brimming with potential. If you have untapped creative juices, or any original video-related ideas, there is nothing stopping you from making a contribution to the growing videosphere..." (Read more)

blogging 101"If the idea of blogging excites you, there is nothing preventing you from starting one today. There are several ways to go about this, but in the spirit of keeping things simple, there are two blogging sites I would recommend..."
(Read more)

"... here’s a much more controversial-friendly, and very easy way to learn the SA anthem if you don’t know it already. You’ll see that it’s as easy as ABC" (Read more)

From Gadgets & tech:

"Specifically since the introduction of Windows XP to Japan, more and more consumers have been taking their laptops and electronic devices to Shinto priests to be blessed against system crashes and technical failures..." (Read more)

"Our traffic nightmares may soon come to an end thanks to an invention known as the Shweeb. And this is not just some fancy new swear word, but the world’s first human-powered monorail" (Read more)

"I wrote a hand-written letter the other day and found that my hand-writing looked like barbed wire. I realised that it had been a good while since I had used any hand-writing skills due to my increasing reliance on typing everything. It seems obvious to me that the archaic technology of hand-writing is being slowly killed by digital technologies. Yet just when the patriotic hand-writers thought things couldn’t get worse, society unleashed something called “digital paper” or iPaper..." (Read more)


"The gaming chair came in attachable parts with a set of tools, a spider diagram, some Chinese instructions, and a note of encouragement. I half expected to find a small key, some coded message, a strange map and an enchan­ted ring" (Read more)

Aibo"I’ve been thinking of getting a puppy; one that’s potty-trained. Or perhaps a streetwise cat that can take care of itself. The thought that I could never find the time to raise a pup made me consider robot pets. Several of these can learn skills and tricks, recognise faces, voices, and colour; but they won’t pee on your carpet..." (Read more)

"Twisp is not a real cigarette, but a personal and portable vapouriser, that uses micro-electronics and a lithium polymer cell to evaporate nicotine in ‘smoke’ from a replaceable cartridge. The vapour does not smell nor does it contain tar, carcinogens or smoke particulate found in first and second- hand cigarette smoke, but it feels, tastes and looks just like the real thing..." (Read more)

Gaming & virtual reality

"It has been said that Wannado has redefined child entertainment by simulating a dream world where children are encouraged to take on and experience one or several adult professions. It features 60 Real-play venues and over 120 career possibilities – ranging from archaeologists, doctors, attorneys and TV hosts to fashion models, pizza makers, DJs and clowns..." (Read more)

VisionDome 5"As computer-processing power increases and even more realistic graphics are developed, the simulated environments produced by virtual reality systems will become even more believable than some already are. At the cutting edge of vitual reality is the VisionDome..." (Read more)

"Known as the godfather of modern videogame systems, the Atari 2600 (originally called the Atari VCS) helped spawn a multi-billion dollar gaming industry. Released in 1977, the Atari 2600 was the first successful console to use game cartridges and its influence can still be felt today in the Xbox, PlayStation, and GameCube..."
(Read more)

Cellphones & cellular technology:

"The Samsung Jet has opened up a whole new world of mobile web browsing with its high performance Dolfin web browser and revolutionary 3D cubic interface, allowing super-fast surfing. The device also supports the option of multi-window browsing – allowing one to surf up to five pages simultaneously..." (Read more)

iphone art"Some of the latest hype arriving in the wake of the new iPhone 3G S is an Apple application for the device called Brushes, which allows users to do more than just doodle on their iPhones. The images are “painted” freehand, using fingers and thumbs..." (Read more)

"The Health Concept Phone (pictured) is equipped with eNose technology, which effectively allows it to electronically “smell” what you eat and keep track of your food intake. It is able to ‘recognise’ food (and other things) by its unique chemical signature. Recommended for people who have a habit of eating with their eyes closed. Similar phones have the ability to emit a whiff of your significant other’s scent every time he or she phones..." (Read more)

Top videos:

  1. Cars in the Park
  2. Magna Carta live + interview
  3. White Mountain Folk Festival
  4. Blogtube: Proudly South African
  5. Splashy Fen: The 20th Big Splash!
  6. Miss nude Australia - Arianna Starr

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Why South Africa is the ideal host for the 2010 World Cup

World Cup 2010 logoI’ll be honest – I don’t know a great deal about soccer. I couldn’t name two players in the Bafana Bafana team. I can’t even tell when someone is off-sides during a game. However, what I do know is that South Africa is going to be more than ready to host one of the biggest events in our country’s history – the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

Our stadiums are looking good, people are practicing their smiles and our public transport systems are being jacked-up; and despite what some pessimists might say, I firmly believe that all of these will be ready in time.

I also believe that we have some of the most dedicated soccer supporters in the world. I often watch soccer matches with a mate who’s an absolute football fanatic. The excitement is contagious, and in the space of 90 minutes we have made friendly acquaintances with twenty-odd South African strangers in a pub. My verdict of such occasions is that sport is one of the most uniting forces in our country – none more so than soccer.

Today we have more reason than ever to be proudly South African and should be showing it. We have amazing sportsmen and women, unique wildlife, thriving tourist attractions, beautiful landscapes, tantalizing food and drink, films that have topped the box-office charts, art, culture, theatre, music, blissful beaches and South African sunsets – all embedded in a rich and meaningful history.

I’ve produced the following video to illustrate the truth behind these words, with the aim of instilling patriotic sentiments and warm & fuzzy feelings in the hearts and minds of all South Africans near and far. My hope is that this video will give new vigor to what it means to be proudly South African, will make foreigners to our shores in 2010 feel welcome, and will keep all South Africans positive about their country. I present the host country of the 2010 Soccer World Cup:

It’s time to shine South Africa, and shine we will.

Shine South Africa for the 2010 Soccer World Cup!

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CAR PORN: Cars on display at the 63rd Frankfurt Motor Show

THE 63rd Frankfurt Motor Show opened to the public on Thursday with numerous marques unveiling new models and defying the current economic downturn. Car manufacturers are revealing vehicles with the latest styling and technological devices, with this edition seeing an emphasis on environmentally-friendly motoring mixed in with presenting luxury models and everyday vehicles to the public. Here's some of what went on show.

Frankfurt Motor Show pics

A sexy model is seen at the Abarth booth

A sexy model is seen at the Abarth booth

The BMW Vision

The BMW Vision

A concept study by Renault

A concept study by Renault

Formula One world champion and adviser for Scuderia Ferrari, Michael Schumacher poses with Ferrari's new 458 Italia

Formula One world champion and adviser for Scuderia Ferrari, Michael Schumacher poses with Ferrari's new 458 Italia

A hostess smiles with cars of Renault

A hostess smiles with cars of Renault

Tom Purves, chairman of Rolls Royce presented the new Ghost

Tom Purves, chairman of Rolls Royce presented the new Ghost

Skoda's new Superb Kombi

Skoda's new Superb Kombi

The Mercedes SLS AMG

The Mercedes SLS AMG. PHOTOS: AP

I can't help but feel slightly aroused ...

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