GREG MINNAAR: World Champion of downhill

IT'S the last Wednesday of January 2009 and therefore time for me to assess what I achieved last year. This really just involved looking at some photographs and videos that I made in 2008 and slipping into a semi-nostalgic state.

I haven’t been producing many new videos this year mostly due to a more demanding social life, which I got for Christmas. But I did think that some of these vidoes now deserve a place on my blog, and have decided to bring you a weekly video post. Yay!

I’ll try and make these sound as relevant as possible. On that note, downhill cycling champ Greg Minnaar has been in the sporting news quite a lot this year. He has been doing rather well for himself lately and is basically the “world champion of downhill.” Fact.

So Cape Town, you may have Table Mountain and Johannesburg… gold and stuff, but we have Greg Minnaar – born and bred in the P M of B! Pietermaritzburg is also one of Greg Minnaars favourite places to practice, which is easy to see why as we have a fantastic downhill course for fanatics to practice upon.

So without any further ado here is Greg Minnaar and others in action at the Downhill Cycling champs held in Maritzburg around this time last year.

PS: The man even has his own wikipedia entry. That's pretty hectic I say.

Greg Minnaar: World Champion of Downhill

Wasn’t that fun? I thought so. Stand-up chap too. You can follow Greg Minnaar on his cycling adventures on his website.

Until next time. Peace out.

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MIKE NAICKER: And now for a little comic relief …

Kevin Perkins (better know as Michael Naicker) came to do a show at the Golden Horse casino in Pmb (Pietermaritzburg) recently. I got an interview with the comedian and asked him about his alter ego, what his future plans are, and how Mike is received by his different audiences.

For any of you who might still think that Mike Naicker is an Indian fellow from Chatsworth then you’re in for a little surprise. Enjoy!

Mike Naicker does Pmb

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VIDEO: Interview with world renown clarinetist Bryan Crumpler

Bryan Crumpler was destined to be a football player until he was given an old clarinet as a gift at age 12. He took to the instrument with an open breath and has since performed all over the world, as well as for royalty – including the King and Queen of Belgium.

His first visit to South Africa, Bryan performed at the Memorial Concert Hall at Hilton College earlier this year. The memorable concert formed part of a four part series, which is a new lifestyle event of international standard.

The Witness met up with Bryan at Hilton College at the Memorial Concerto and interviewed him in the following video:

Bryan Crumpler – Memorial Concerto No.2

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