SEXPO WEEKEND: What Women Really Want

I humbly apologise for the lack of thought-provoking content here lately. It’s a tough time to be working in the media industry – generally. It’s almost bordering slavery. There’s one woman here who is setting the record by working for 63 consecutive days with two day breaks every three weeks. That’s Monday to Sunday for 21 days then a weekend break, then another full three weeks before her next weekend etc. Eish.

So I thought I would simply share another video that I made last year. It’s called What Women Really Want, which is a sexpo that takes place in South Africa every year. It’s not quite on the same level as Sexpo South Africa, but rather a smaller scale event aimed at girls who just wanna have fun. Enjoy!

What women really want

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VIDEO: Miss Nude Australia doing her thing on a curtain

I thought my blog could do with a bit of sexing up. I had some leftover footage from the 2009 sexpo held in Durban. I found a great clip of Miss Nude Australia, Arianna Starr doing her thing on a curtain. She’s one fit bunny! Fitter than the Energiser Bunny during mating season. Check how high she goes too. Wow...

PS: She did sport her boobage, which was very nice, but I didn’t want to have to go through the hassle of censoring it to avoid the risk of offending anyone and consequently having my blog removed or inappropriately labeled or something.

Anyway, I'm sure you'll appreciate the following video. Enjoy! :-)

Arianna Starr curtain acrobatics

PPS: If you're pretty bummed now knowing that you missed this sexy event and seeing Arianna Starr in all her glory, she will be at the Cape Town Sexpo happening from 14 - 17 May. There is also one happening in Johannesburg from 1 - 4 October.

PPPS: You can watch more sexpo videos here. Happy viewing!

***Meet Miss Nude Australia - Arianna Starr!***

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VIDEO: Miss Pole Dance UK - Tracey Simmonds

Miss Pole Dance UK, Tracey Simmonds, took to the pole at the Durban Sexpo and gave some amazing performances on stage. She is incredibly talented and simply owned that pole. I couldn’t help thinking how she must be fitter than a caffeinated bunny rabbit during mating season to perform such acrobatics.

Pole dancing aside, she’s hot. And I don’t just mean "girl next door" hot. Perhaps it’s that I have a thing for accents, but I fell in love on the spot. And it gets even better – she’s a fully qualified nurse too. I know! She’s like the perfect woman.

Lets meet her shall we?

Miss Pole Dance UK Tracey Simmonds

PS: After I proposed to Tracey she informed me that she has a stable boyfriend of about six months back home. She also runs all her shows by him and uses him as her guinea pig to practice her new moves upon. Lucky blighter…

PPS: Sadly, my camera battery died just before Tracey’s stage show at Sexpo (I think it was overwhelmed from all the intense filming of half-naked people all day). As a result I was forced to use some clips from Tracey’s latest promotional video, which you can see (the full thing) on her website.

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SEXPO: The World's Greatest Amateur Strip Show

In the spirit of audience participation, Sexpo South Africa held a competition called the World’s Greatest Amateur Strip Show. Up to ten guys and gals volunteered to get liquored-up before strutting their stuff on stage. Those that went Full Monty won some fantastically naughty prizes courtesy of some of the adult brands on show at the Durban Sexpo.

These are some of the 'amateur' strippers that took part this year...

The World's Greatest Amateur Strip Show

[This video has sadly been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy on nudity or sexual content]

In case you're wondering, the tall gent who went Full Monty won a prize and the female contestant with the large mammary glands won it for the girls. My vote was for the hot blonde... but I guess nudity and bravery prevailed.

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SEXPO VIDEO: Miss Nude Australia - Arianna Starr

First up in the Sexpo video series is an Aussie honey who is sexy, naughty, and very talented within the adult world. Miss Nude Australia, Penthouse Pet and Hustler Honey are just a few of the erotic titles belonging to this touring artist.

Her Starr performance at Sexpo was truly a feast for the eyes and left me feeling more than a little aroused. With a big sip of my champagne, I asked her about herself, her career, and how far she would go to keep herself looking as good as she does. Be sure to check out her curtain performance below! Enjoy!

Miss Nude Australia at Durban Sexpo

*** Check out Miss Nude Australia in action in:
Arianna Starr curtain acrobatics!

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