ADSL: Now that you have more bandwidth, what will you do with it?

FIRST there was dialup and ISDN, giving you a trickle of bandwidth for which you paid per minute. If you didn’t watch yourself you could easily pay hundreds of rands a month – and it was suicidally slow. Then there was capped ADSL, which was faster, but your internet usage was restricted to a gigabyte or two each month. After reaching your cap, you either had to top it up with a booster, or be cut off from your internet for the rest of the month.

Today, there is uncapped ADSL at a fixed, low price. And with unlimited internet access there’s so much more you can do online that it’s going to change your life. MWEB recently launched uncapped ADSL starting at R219 per month. Carolyn Holgate, general manager of MWEB Connect, offers ten MWEB uncapped ADSL tips for making the most of cheap, unlimited internet at home:

1. Download music, movies, TV shows and YouTube videos

“It is quite conceivable that a family of four could use 20 gigabytes and more each month downloading entertainment content from the Internet,” says Holgate. “We definitely don’t recommend that you download anything illegal, but for such a family to each  watch ten minutes of YouTube a day, download two MP3s a day, two TV shows a month and three standard-definition movies a month would add up to 20 gigabytes right there."

"Before, this would have been extremely expensive, and almost inconceivable. But now, thanks to low-cost uncapped ADSL, you can pay a flat fee and not worry about exceeding your cap again,” says Holgate.

DStv recently launched “DStv On Demand” and if you are a DStv Premium subscriber with an MWEB ADSL account, you can watch or download premium quality TV content on your PC or laptop – for no extra costs. Go to to register.

Check out these other sites for cool entertainment content:

2. Set up web-calling with video

“Most people don’t need any introduction to phone and video calls over the web,” says Holgate. “This technology is what keeps families and friends together, no matter what the distance. Once you’ve got uncapped ADSL, you can talk to other users on the same system for free – and with an unlimited amount of data each month you can talk to your heart’s content. Try MWEB’s Webcall service."

3. Try online gaming

If you possess a sword with Arabic-looking squiggles on it called Slayer in the Realm of Pneimh, the world of online gaming could be for you. We recommend using faster packages for online gaming as it will provide a delay-free gaming experience. Gaming sites such as is a good one to start with.

4. Start your own blog

If you want to share your life with others, then a blog is ideal. You can upload content, pictures, videos and music and share it with your friends and family – and never worry about exceeding your data cap each month. Go to MWEB’s blog page at to get started.

5. Stay in touch with social media tools online

Like email and surfing the web, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube have become part of our lifestyle – particularly for the connected youth. MWEB recently investigated South African’s social networking habits, and 82% of the participants are on Facebook. This shows we’re savvy social networkers already and these figures are growing! Chances are your kids are well up to speed with the latest tools; you don’t want to be left behind!

6. Set up a home-based business or access the office from home

Entrepreneurship is one of the best ways to fuel job creation in this country. “Thanks to cheap, uncapped ADSL, you can set up a professional home office that lets you do business from your own space. Alternatively, you can access your traditional office network from home, giving you the flexibility demanded by increasing traffic gridlock and time constraints,” says Holgate.

7. Work more flexibly

Professionals whose core skills can be offered virtually are probably better off working at home. Companies have the flexible use of their services while saving on desk space, and with uncapped ADSL there is no limit as to how much data these virtual workers can access.

8. Why pay unnecessarily for software?

Instead of buying expensive software applications, you can try or Google Docs. ADSL lets you access, use and store your data in web-hosted applications – safely and quickly. Holgate continues, “You will also be able to download additional applications to your computer now that you have all the bandwidth you can swallow. And remember, for every application you need, there is a free or cheaper version available online.”

9. Save memory space on your computer

Instead of downloading tools and information to store on your computer, access them online when you need them. You don’t have to worry about the costs associated with accessing files and applications online as your monthly fee is fixed.

10. Get the value-added services you need

You may be happy with your ISP, but prices are plummeting and competition has reached a level never experienced before. Besides cheap, unlimited bandwidth, your ISP should offer a quality network that can withstand the demands of uncapped Internet users, security, support, antivirus, antispam, faxmail, a big free mailbox and value-adds such as free Wi-Fi minutes.

“Broadband is a highly enabling tool, spurring innovation and allowing greater flexibility in communication and entertainment. Uncapped ADSL will allow users to be more adventurous about the sites they visit and how they use the Internet. It’s a very exciting time for users in South Africa,” concludes Holgate.

  • These MWEB uncapped ADSL tips were issued on behalf of MWEB. For more information on MWEB’s packages, visit or call 08600 32000 to speak to a sales consultant.

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